Meet the Trainers

Aubrie Baker- Fitness Director/ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Aubrie Baker is a ACE Certified Personal Trainer, YMCA Certified Group Exercise Instructor, and recent graduate of SUNY Oneonta. She is a currently working on her ACE Sports Conditioning certification. Aubrie has previously been a personal trainer and group exercise instructor at the East Greenbush YMCA where she gained experience working with all populations, including elderly adults, women, men, and teens. As a Personal Trainer it is Aubrie’s goal to better every aspect of her client’s life through strength and functional training. Her specialties include teaching women and men of all ages how to properly resistance train, and increase confidence in the gym. 

Chip White Bio - ACSM CPT

Chip holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Fitness and Wellness Leadership/Exercise Science from SUNY Plattsburgh. Through his specialized program, he has taken on multiple roles in clinical settings, working with a wide range of clientele. He has gained first- hand experience and knowledge in athletic performance training through his time spent at Corvino Performance working with top division 1 and professional athletes. Chip is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine(ACSM) and has worked as an intern at Champlain Valley Physician’s fitness and wellness center working with clients of older age, special populations, as well as those coming out of physical therapy. As a top senior in his graduating class, he took on the role of clinical teaching instructor for the PED212 course “Advanced Personal Training” taught at SUNY Plattsburgh. He was responsible for teaching and demonstrating exercise movements in proper sequence and body alignment, having a knowledgeable base of human anatomy and kinesiology.

Michael LaCasse- Certified Personal Trainer

Michael LaCasse is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach, completed Peak Performance Olympic Weightlifting Seminar, Director of the Bigger Faster Stronger (BFS) strength and conditioning program at Hudson High School and Assistant Varsity Football Coach. He is a recent graduate from Sage College of Albany as a 4+3 Applied Biology/pre-Physical Therapy major.
Mike first started lifting weights as an eighth grader in order to prepare himself for athletics. His main goal was to become a more powerful and explosive athlete through preparation and discipline. He's a firm believer in preparation for anything one does in life, whether  it is athletics or ativities of daily living. With the combination of power lifting, Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit, he believes he can help create a more functional human being who can take his/her athletic abilities from moderate to superior in a short amount of time. A personal training program that successfully targets the ten general skills of cardio-respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, speed, coordination, accuracy, power, balance and agility will promote a "functional" athlete. Without the successful performance of functional movements such as the squat and deadlift, one would hurt themselves in the long run. Functional movements are essential to daily living and if done with proper technique/form one can fix ailments such as lower back pain. At the most basic level, functional movements are necessary to live on your own!
With aspirations of becoming a Physical Therapist (DPT), a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and a current CrossFit Level 1 Coach and high school Football coach, training and healing athletes has always been a dream of his and he is more than excited to take full advantage of the opportunity given!

Melissa Naegeli- Certified Personal Trainer

Melissa is an IFPA Advanced Certified Personal Trainer and has been in the industry for 12 years.  She also has a Certificate in General Nutrition and is currently working on an Advanced Sports Nutrition Certification. She has worked with all populations -- people who wanted to lose weight/gain lean muscle, gain muscle mass, improve flexibility and balance, rehab from surgical procedures and day-day functional improvements. Melissa is also a Professional Bodybuilder with the NMA and has coached clients through posing and preparation for physique competitions. She is married, has 3 children and is very honored when someone trusts her with their goals for improved health and wellness. Congratulations to Melissa! She has been chosen as IFPA's trainer of the month for April!