EAC Class Schedule

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Athlete 101
KidsLife Ages 9-12 (Chip)/
ClubLife Suspend**
6:00 PM 6:15pm
The Life Academy
Met Con 1
KidsLife Ages 13-18
7:00 PM              
8:00 PM              
KidsLife: An agility class for kids to introduce them to a healthy, active, lifestyle!
ClubLife Suspend: A class fully focused on learning how to properly use the TRX straps. You will be getting your heart rate up and muscles working in a completely different way than you’re used to.
Met Con 1: A class designed to increase both mental and physical endurance. Boot camp style focused on conditioning your body and pushing it to the next level.
LifeOps: A high intensity workout designed for those who want to take their fitness experience to the next level. A boot camp style class that is intense, and demanding of your body.
Athlete 101: A workout for athletes. It focuses on learning proper weightlifting technique, speed, and agility.
The Life Academy: A paramilitary inspired boot camp class. Something to change up the way you exercise and get you in shape to handle anything.
Plyometrics: A high intensity, jumping workout that will get your heart rate pumping, and legs burning!
**Need to sign up for this class ahead of time at the front desk**
**Please arrive early to class and check in at the front desk. Thank you!**