Group Exercise

Get that extra push we all need from time to time in one of our group classes! Our knowledgeable instructors offer a wide range of class options for every fitness goal. Pick a class and prepare to get swept up in a routine that will test your limits, but not your patience. In a collaborative environment that strikes the balance between blasting calories and having a blast, you can get motivated by your peers while motivating others. And as you struggle to keep up with the person next to you, you’ll often find that someone else is struggling to keep up with you!
Our class schedule will include a variety of offerings ranging from yoga and lower impact routines to challenging intense classes that will push the limits of the most dedicated participants. Upon opening of our Kids Life Trampoline Park, our classes will also venture onto the trampoline surface as we will offer an exciting NEW and FUN schedule that will be an experience unlike any you've had before! Our opening class schedule will be coming soon!!!