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ClubLife is a proud licensed distributor of the greatest Supplement Company in the world, Beverly International. Beverly internationals “Nononsence “ motto is built around making the best most effective product that money can buy, with Nononsence involved. No added unnecessary contents to make more money, just pure results. We have hand chosen specific products from Beverly International to carry at our ClubLife facility based on the want and needs of our members and potential members alike. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO BUY FROM OUR SHOP! However the is no better compliment to proper supplementation like a good workout. If you would like to read more about why Beverly International is the greatest supplement company click Here to read their biography.


What: UMP is a powdered drink mix made from top quality protein sources. As a protein supplement to the diet, UMP is intended to be mixed with cold water, milk, or the beverage of your choice and consumed before and after exercise and at any other time of day in order to encourage greater gains in muscle mass, tone, strength, and performance, and reductions in body fat. 

Who: UMP is intended for use by healthy, exercising individuals 18 years of age and older. Bodybuilders, fitness or figure competitors, mixed martial artists, models, powerlifters and other individuals who regularly engage in resistance and/or cardiovascular exercise can benefit from adding UMP to their daily diet. 

Why: UMP contains ingredients that scientific studies suggest will support and enhance*:
  • * Total Body Mass
  • * Fat-free Mass (includes Muscle)
  • * Strength
  • * Myofibrillar Protein+
  • * Nitric Oxide (NO) Levels
  • * Gluconeogenesis
  • * Thermogenesis
  • * Blood Glucose Levels
  • * Free Radical Protection
  • * Mental Performance and Resistance to Stress
  • * Mood
  • * Preservation of Muscle Mass During Rest
+To build muscle tissue your body must increase the quantity of myofibrillar protein inside your muscle cells, or fibers. This causes your muscles to increase in size and strength. Myofibrillar proteins are responsible for producing force during the process of muscle contraction. They also contribute to the size, tone, shape and definition of your muscles.

How: Ultimate Muscle Protein is perfect in place of a meal, between meals, and after training. UMP is ideal before bed, as it feeds your muscles a timed released supply of aminos, keeping you in a positive nitrogen balance while you sleep. 

Available In: Chocolate, Vanilla 


Clinically Dosed Glutamine + BCAAs for
Muscle Recovery & Anabolism

GLUTAMINE SELECT from Beverly International Nutrition supports the fastest possible improvements in the appearance and performance of your physique by tackling a little known but pervasive condition known as "anabolic fatigue".


What: GLUTAMINE SELECT is a powdered drink mix consisting of the amino acids glutamine, leucine, isoleucine and valine. The latter three comprise the branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). 

The development of GLUTAMINE SELECT rests on solid scientific grounds. By partnering glutamine with BCAA in quantities clinically-proven to be effective in bodybuilding athletes, its tremendous anabolic energy can finally be uncapped, enabling users to achieve levels of muscle protein, glycogen, mass, strength and hardness not possible by relying on the diet alone. 

Each ingredient in GLUTAMINE SELECT has been tested and reviewed for safety and purity. Beverly's R&D scientists left no stone unturned in making GLUTAMINE SELECT the very best tasting formula of its kind by using a proprietary cherry flavoring system. 

Who: GLUTAMINE SELECT is intended for use as a dietary supplement by men and women engaging in resistance and/or cardio exercise who wish to improve the appearance and performance of their body. 

Why: GLUTAMINE SELECT from Beverly International Nutrition supports the fastest possible improvements in the appearance and performance of your physique by tackling a little known but pervasive condition known as "anabolic fatigue". 

How: Use before, during, and/or after training or cardio. You can also take Glutamine Select between meals to sustain blood sugar levels while dieting. It is best mixed in a water bottle or shaker cup and sipped. 

Available In: Black Cherry

Stimulant-Free Workout Intensifying Technology w/ Nitric Oxide & Cognitive Performance Catalysts 

WHAT: UP-LIFT is a low-carb hybrid training formula with three main functions:
  • Nitric Oxide matrix (arginine and l-citrulline)
  • exercise performance matrix (beta-alanine, histidine, and betaine)
  • mental acuity/energy matrix (l-tyrosine, rhodiola rosea, l-alanine and glycine).

UP-LIFT is a stimulant-free powdered drink mix that is intended to be mixed with water and consumed before and during training in order to sustain higher levels of mental and muscular output (performance) during resistance and cardiovascular forms of exercise. 

WHO: UP-LIFT is intended for use by healthy, exercising individuals over 18 years of age. Bodybuilders, figure and fitness athletes, mixed martial artists, powerlifters and other athletes who regularly engage in high-intensity resistance and/or cardiovascular exercise of any kind can benefit from consuming UP-LIFT immediately before and during their workouts. 

HOW: 2 scoops 20-30 minutes before training and/or cardio. If expecting an extended training session or if doing cardio immediately after training take 1-2 additional scoops in the middle of training session. 

WHY: Whether you are a bodybuilder, a powerlifter, or any other type of athlete, UP-LIFT helps you unfold 90 seconds of muscle-building fury out of every 60 seconds of training. UP-LIFT contains ingredients that scientific studies suggest will support: 
  • - Lean Mass Gains and Positive Nitrogen Balance
  • - Elevated Fat-Burning Metabolism
  • - Nitric Oxide (NO) Action
  • - Vasodilation
  • - Detoxification of Ammonia
  • - Gluconeogenesis and Thermogenesis
  • - Blood Glucose Levels
  • - Aerobic and Anaerobic Energy Metabolism
  • - Muscle Carnosine Levels
  • - Reduction or Delay of Neuromuscular Fatigue
  • - Muscular Power and Endurance
  • - Free Radical Protection
  • - Neurological Function
  • - Mental Well-Being and Vigilance
  • - Resistance to Stress

Available In: Tart Cherry

Advanced Quality-Tested Micronutrient System for Peak Performance w/ Sustained-Release Delivery Technology

What Sets It Apart
* Custom Formula: SP is not an "off-the-shelf" formula. It is made only for BI, precisely according to specification.
* Category Leader: Rated #1 by Planet Muscle magazine
* Pre-Sorted Packets: For maximum ease of use, each packet contains a pre-sorted selection of tablets containing all required vitamins, minerals and co-factors.
* 6-Hour Action: Ingredients are supplied in the form of compressed tablets that have been engineered to disintegrate inside the digestive tract in a sustained fashion for up to 6 hours in order to maximize nutrient utilization.
* 100% Guaranteed Potency: Each ingredient is individually procured prior to forming the tablets. This, combined with expert attention to granulation and coating, and the use of overages, helps ensure that you get 100% of what is stated on the label.
* Contains "SuperFoods": Alfalfa, kelp and more
* Contains chelated minerals for greater bioavailability
* Contains different digestive enzymes
* The SP tablet and packaging facilities are certified free of banned substances.
* 30 sealed packets, 30 servings

Perfect For
* Hard-training athletes: Reduce your risk of nutrient depletion.
* Weight/fat loss diets: Same
* Busy lifestyles: Pre-sorted packets can be taken anywhere, anytime.

* Increase in energy, overall health and well-being

How to Use
 Take one packet daily, with a meal. Having food in your gut will enhance nutrient absorption and help prevent stomach discomfort. 
* Take SP in the morning with your first meal to provide all-day support of nutrient and energy levels.



Ultra-C is a unique combination of 3 anti-oxidant nutrients - Vitamins C, A, and "P" (also known as Bioflavonoids). 

This synergistic combination is designed to help:


* Counteract the catabolic effects of the stress hormone cortisol (a hormone that causes muscle breakdown during intense training).


* Boost your immune system in times of illness or stress.

* Strengthen the circulatory system and connective tissues, 
accelerating tissue recovery and healing.

Ironclad Guarantee: Ultra C is a pharmaceutical grade vitamin C. It's among the finest vitamin C on the planet. Try it today and see what the right "C" can do for you. Your results are guaranteed.

Original Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Formula 
w/ Iron Peptonate

What: FitTabs is a sophisticated, time released multi vitamin and mineral formula custom designed for the fitness lifestyle. Each tablet is carefully processed into a unique, sustained release formulation in synergistic ratios to help you build a better body. 

Who: Everyone needs to take in these ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS in order for the body to grow and maintain proper health. 

Why: FitTabs' time released formula contains every vitamin and mineral you need including: 

  • - Antioxidants
  • - Vitamins
  • - Chelated Minerals
  • - Lipotropics
  • - Bioflavonoids
  • - Digestive Enzymes
  • - Trace Minerals

How: Take 2 FitTabs tablets in the morning with a meal or protein shake; and 2 tablets with your evening meal.

Rapid Energy & Cognitive Renewal System

Fast-Up is an ultra-premium nutraceutical technology used to quickly clear away short-term fatigue and replace it with smooth, precise energy and focus.*

Distinguishing features:

The Fast-Up Energy & Cognitive Renewal Systemcontains clinically studied nutraceutical ingredients that research suggests can alleviate normal fatigue andenhance cognitive performance while supporting your body's own energy-producing pathways.*

One capsule contains less caffeine than 1 cup of brewed coffee. These and other features of the Fast-Up formula make it flexible for use throughout the day for a variety of applications including pre-workout (cardio or weights)and any other time you need a quick pick-me-up.

Formula Highlights

*NADH (reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide): NADH plays an important role as a co-factor in the body's energy-producing pathways.
*CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10):
  • 1. Mitochondria are tiny cellular structures that are responsible for producing over 90% of the body's energy supply. CoQ10 plays a critical role in mitochondrial energy production.
  • 2. Because it is an antioxidant, CoQ10 may assist not only with energy production, but also protecting the body from the deleterious effects of free radicals, including aging itself.
  • 3. Japanese researchers have reported that CoQ10 supplementation also helps reduce fatigue and improve physical performance.

*Camellia sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract: Camellia sinensis is a natural source of antioxidant polyphenols, caffeine, theanine and other compounds. They are believed to act in symphony to help clear away fatigue and replace it with smooth, precise energy and sharp focus.
*Citrulline Malate
  • 1. Citrulline is a precursor to nitric oxide, an important regulator of blood vessel tone. When nitric oxide levels increase, vessels relax, making it easier for blood to flow through them.
  • 2. Malate is a key component of the Krebs Cycle, a critical biochemical pathway that works in tandem with mitochondrial pathways to produce energy.
  • 3. Citrulline malate has been used to support healthy nitric oxide levels and overall cardiovascular function. In larger doses it may improve resistance exercise performance and reduce post-exercise muscle soreness.


Ultra-Premium Carnitine Blend for Anti-Aging,
Testosterone & Physique Enhancement

WHAT: QUADRACARN is a dietary supplement containing 4 scientifically studied analogs of carnitine (l-carnitine, n-acetyl-l-carnitine, propionyl-l-carnitine and l-carnitine l-tartrate) plusGymnema sylvestre leaf extract. Carnitine is a substance produced naturally by the human body in small quantities. 

WHO: QUADRACARN is a year-round, life-long formula for anyone who truly cares how they look and perform today, and how they'll look and perform for the remainder of their life. Scientific studies have revealed that the very same carnitine analogs found in QUADRACARN are capable of producing a total of at least 21 interconnected pharmacological actions that affect the way your body looks and performs (both in the gym and the bedroom), nerve and mitochondrial health, blood flow, NO, how quickly you age, insulin and testosterone effectiveness, cholesterol, hair loss, and much more. 

HOW: For best results use QUADRACARN three times daily: one serving (3 tablets) with meal one; one serving before training; and one serving with final meal (or before bed). 

WHY: QUADRACARN benefits at least 21 different interconnected pharmacological actions of far-reaching and critical importance to your appearance, performance, and overall health and longevity. The human body does not synthesize any carnitine analogs in the amounts shown to produce these actions in scientific studies; hence the term "pharmacological actions". However, by supplementing your diet with QUADRACARN several times daily you can safely and effectively ingest the amounts of carnitine analogs required to produce the pharmacological actions reported in the aforementioned studies. 

  • ↑ Androgen Receptor (AR) levels
  • ↑ Androgen Effectiveness
  • ↑ Insulin Effectiveness
  • ↑ Muscle Mass
  • ↓ Fat Mass (Body Fat)
  • ↓ Total Cholesterol
  • ↓ Muscle Fatigue
  • ↓ Muscle Damage
  • ↓ Muscle Soreness
  • ↑ Nitric Oxide
  • ↑ Blood Flow
  • ↑ Oxygen Delivery
  • ↑ Resynthesis of ATP
  • ↓ Free Radicals
  • ↓ Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  • ↓ Nerve Pain
  • ↑ Nerve Regeneration
  • ↑ Hair Growth
  • ↑ Exercise Performance
  • ↑ Recovery from Exercise
  • ↑ Erectile Performance

Ultra-Concentrated Synergistic EFA Formula 
w/ Purified, Mercury-Free Fish Oil

What: EFA Gold is an excellent source of essential fatty acids from flax, fish and borage oils (1200 mg each). 

Who: Everyone. Recent scientific research highlights the importance of "good" Omega fatty acids for cellular, heart and metabolic health. These fatty acids are essential - meaning your body needs them but cannot make them. 

Why: EFA Gold supplies essential fatty acids to help support: 
  • - Metabolic functioning
  • - Cardiovascular health
  • - Immune system function
  • - Body recomposition
  • - Healthy skin and hair
  • - Overall health and well being

How: Take 3 softgels daily, preferably with meals for cellular, heart and metabolic health benefits.